As other companies cut back, Microsoft keeps spending

Seattle Times Reports: "With the economy spiraling down and few signs of hope around here, it's worth taking a second look at Microsoft's presentation to Wall Street last week.

Once a year in July, the top executives spend a day explaining their business to a roomful of financial analysts gathered in Redmond.

There's a numbing array of PowerPoint slides, product road maps, growth charts and earnings minutiae.

This year's big take-aways: No, Microsoft's not buying Yahoo. Yes, the world's finally warming up to Windows Vista.

But more important for the Puget Sound region was the attitude that came through from Chief Executive Steve Ballmer and his generals.

Not about the stock price - of course, they're frustrated that Wall Street doesn't appreciate Microsoft's impressive financial performance.

What really stood out was their bullheaded insistence on spending as much as it takes to keep building new businesses."

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