Macworld Review: Bejeweled 2 for iPhone

Macworld Writes: "Bejeweled 2 for iPhone has two gameplay modes. There's Classic, in which each matching set of gems makes a thermometer bar grow closer and closer to the end, starting a new level, and Action, in which you're battling against a clock to beat each level. The basic mechanics of the game are the same, as are the "powerups." For example, match four gems, and you're rewarded with an exploding gem that will make all the gems in adjoining cells disappear. Match five and you'll get a super gem that will make all the gems of the color you select disappear in a blaze of electric arcs.

I found Bejeweled 2 to be a well-behaved app; if you need to do something else that takes you to the iPhone's home screen, Bejeweled 2 will ask you the next time you start the game if you want to resume where you left off. The quality of the graphics and audio are quite good; gems spin and glimmer, there are rotating animations, background images and other effects to keep your eyes occupied."

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