Ninja Gaiden 2 mission pack back today

Microsoft expects the Ninja Gaiden 2 mission pack will return to Xbox Live sometime today.

The mission mode pack was released last Friday and then yanked down after it caused technical problems like systems freezing (surely not a problem usually associated with Xbox 360 oh wait now I get it).

Most of the niggles have been fixed, according to Gamerscoreblog, and those who already have the DLC can begin playing again.

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DA_SHREDDER3670d ago

As much of a Sony fanboy that I am, I loved NG2. I ordered this game from and I dont wanna send it back. The graphics are top notch. The gameplay is butter. The only problem with the game is lack of Story and the camera sucks too. Sometimes when Im pressed up by a wall I can see right through Ryu. The gameplay and characters make up for those things and I can say that a 7 doesn't do the game any justice. Ive played games that weren't as fun as this, cough cough Halo,, and got a score above a 9. I hate reviewers, I wish they would just die,, or better yet,, kill themselves.

poopface13670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

I loved Ng1 and played it till the day NG2 came out. So the camera wasnt much worse than the first game, and I liked the extra control they gave the RS. The worst camera problems I had was fighting the two armadillos, and everything was sooooooo bright, it pissed me off a bit. But then I pulled out the sythe and wailed on em. Im going to go back and try and play it on master ninja.

I think the game deserves at least a 9 for the combat/weapons alone. I think the grafix are good too. I noticed some stuttering and problems, but I havnt played it since the patch. I'd give the game a 9.4(like NG1) because I think its better in every aspect, but has more technical issues than NG1.

also I think the slowdown on the stairs with the hordes of ninjas is one of the best parts in the game.

IdleLeeSiuLung3670d ago

In my opinion there is no way a game like this can get a score below 8 even if you didn't like it. Personally, I think this is one of the best games out for the 360 out now.

solidsnakus3670d ago

so is anyone getting the extra missions? i dunno if its worth it.

okcomputer3670d ago

i don't see why a mission pack wouldn't be popular for fans of ng2. The game was basically just random levels with no real plot anyway. Throwing a few more random levels into the mix for a reasonable price isn't a bad idea.. i'm still trying to clear the main game itself though, so i'll pass for now.

poopface13670d ago

I got to beat it on master ninja mode. By the time I do that this stuff will probaly be free.

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