Why Are Some Female Gamers Upset?

For those of you that watched Sony's E3 Press Conference we were given a sneak peak at some of their upcoming PS3 games and PSN releases. One among them has caused an out cry among many Feminist Gamers. But what could get these ladies so up in arms about a silly video game?

Read on to find out!

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Bordel_19003584d ago

People who feel offended by a game like Fat Princess are really pathetic. Why do anyone listen do these people?

Real gamer 4 life3584d ago

I am really looking forward to fat princess, Its going to be really fun. :)

leila013584d ago

I don't see the issue here. Seriously, how can anyone be offended by this game?

solidt123584d ago

I can't wait to defend big momma from the opposing team.

Ghoul3584d ago

well if you dont have fat women in your game and only supermodels
expect some female groups to blame you for sexualising steroetypes and disrespecting the variaty of woman bodys.

if you have fat women you get blamed for discrimitating fat woman.


IdleLeeSiuLung3584d ago

Problem here is people always complain, but nobody says how you should portray them in games. How do you satisfy the feminists? Perhaps we should just completely remove women from games?

Hububla3584d ago

Maybe if they changed it to bale mic princess and you have to get her to a bathroom so she can gain her health back they will shutup?

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VampHuntD3584d ago

There is a difference between a feminist and a whiner. A Feminist has a valid point and states it, while a whiner, well whines. So far everyone complaining about this game has been a whiner.

StephanieBBB3584d ago

Exactly! The same thing happend to RE5 when this whole "black zombies issue" appeared. Give one valid point to why the zombies in an poor African town should't be black? There is none, It's just beyond retarded!

We live in an democracy and that means that if one person dosn't like donuts, that dosn't mean that WE ALL should stop liking donuts. It's so immature and selfish to think that your statement is the only one that counts. By the looks of it I must say that alot of the people are thinking like that. Stop being such cöckblockers and take one for the focking team goddamnit!

Atomic3584d ago

oh really , please tell me what feminists do beside whining?

Shadow Flare3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

Dare i say, because they are fat, or THINK they are fat themselves, and don't like the idea of a fat princess being the butt of a joke, because they somehow feel it hits back at them? Ever hear guys complain that Dr. Robotnik had a belly as circular as the xbox 1 controller? Fat Princess is just supposed to be a fun game, a game where you SAVE the princess. Not all games have to feature slim characters. Just feel better about yourselves in general and then you won't feel so compelled to moan about stupid things like this.

kewlkat0073584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

That's just that. Plenty other examples out there.

there was the same with some movies like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and that other movie "Shallow Hal"

DarkBlade3584d ago

Why don't everyone sit down and play their game. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Don't start a riot.

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The story is too old to be commented.