Nidzumi: Viva Pinata: Trouble In Paradise Preview

Nidzumi writes: "Two years ago the charming Viva Pinata was released to instant critical acclaim and despite it's over colourful childish looks it offered a fairly challenging strategic experience. Rare are now putting the finishing touches on it's sequel, Viva Pinata: Trouble In Paradise. Strongly based on the groundwork laid down in the original, Trouble In Paradise sets out to fix most of the flaws seen throughout Pinata Island, the first time around.

The main problem is that the original got incredibly tough after a while despite clearly being marketed at a younger audience. Luckily this time around they've separated up the game into what are essentially, adult and kid modes. Player Guide Mode, is catered towards younger players and therefore it lacks the intense challenge that Sour Pinatas, Ruffians & Professor Pester all bring to the table. Meanwhile this rendition's 'Standard Mode' is simply that, the standard mode you played last time. The game will also feature a sandbox mode where you don't have to worry about unlocks or money."

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