'Fallout 3' Developer Tackles, Fails To Conquer Han Solo Problem

Stephen Totilo writes:

"Video games often discourage players from living interesting, unpredictable virtual lives. Play a game that allows you to be good or evil, violent or peaceful, and seldom will you find that a mixed approach is rewarded. Special powers are given to players who direct their character to behavioral extremes.

Morality-coded video games like "Fable" or "Knights of the Old Republic" encourage you to be a Luke Skywalker or an Emperor. They seldom dole out a specific reward if you choose the Han Solo path instead. But isn't the morally mixed path the most interesting one? Isn't it the most life-like? Or even the path most of us walk in real life, being nice to some people and not so nice to others?

This is what I confronted "Fallout 3" designer Todd Howard with in the middle of an interview about his team's upcoming game: "Can we take a middle path, and will you, unlike most developers, reward us for it?"

Howard told me just how far they've come in addressing that issue..."

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ravinash3711d ago

It would be great if you could choose a 3rd path down the middle.