EA to make a gaming PC?

Hexus writes: "We all know what a chore it can be to get your rig running Crysis at a reasonable frame-rate. Well EA, perhaps, might have come up with the answer as, according to a blogger's post from Comic-Con, EA are going to make high-end gaming PCs specifically built to run their latest games.

Apparently, on the EA stand at Comic-Con, an 'EA rep' (so that could be anyone wearing a branded t-shirt), has mentioned that EA are looking at making PCs of differing specs, to meet the demands of the games they're publishing and the first such machine will be out in time for Crysis Warhead."

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sajj3163672d ago

EA venture into the console world .. first steps?

byeGollum3672d ago

they should leave the console stuff to Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo - They Got a Good chance On The Pc Side Of Things - That What I Think Anyways

dro3672d ago

y do this?!? The gaming competition is alerday hot enough as it is...we have ps3/360 fan bois next thing ur gonna start seeing ea fanbois!!!

FantasyStar3671d ago

Crysis was meant to be run with all its eye-candy turned on.

Shroomy3672d ago

Aslong as they don't follow Alienware, paying mainly for the name and not the parts inside.

Building your own computer will always be the best option, and it's not hard at all, Youtube will show you that.

almanay3672d ago

yep .. i always thought it would be hard ... but it turned out to be really easy

f7897903671d ago

since it is always cheaper to build it yourself and amaze your friends that a $500 computer can play Crysis on medium.

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The story is too old to be commented.