If You Can't Beat them Join the Soundtrack

Gamer Encounter Write: "Soaring oil prices and tough economic times? Don't tell the growing video game industry. Some analysts have even gone so far as to say that the video game industry is "recession-proof."

Consumers keep shelling out $60 per game, but with less expendable funds, they're cutting back on other forms of entertainment, such as movies and music. Naturally, we'd expect those industries to fight back by attempting to slow the gaming boom. However, many music companies are trying to play alongside the game instead of beating them at their own game (all puns intended).

The best example of the music and video game industry striking a partnership involves music-based titles such as "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band." The recent success of these games has created a new revenue stream for current and historical songs.

In addition to custom music packs, these publishers are partnering with the biggest names in the music industry to create custom versions of the game. As an example earlier this year, Activision released a version of "Guitar Hero" dedicated to Aerosmith. The formula must have worked as Activision has announced plans to do the same with Metallica later in the year. This marks a significant change in the music industry's position considering that Metallica stood out as one of the biggest proponents against digital distribution in a lawsuit against Napster, filed in 2000."

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