I-Play:Mobiles Will Overtake Consoles.

I-play CEO David Gosen has told, that more games will be played on mobile phones than consoles in the future - meaning that mobile offers the best way to reach a mass market audience.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, Gosen said, "If you look at the console industry, over 300 million consoles have been sold in the last 25 years, while 800 million phones get sold every year. Which one's mass market? It has to be the mobile device.

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ScorponokG14386d ago

this dude must be on some serious crack. cell phone games will never be able to surpass the console game market. totally two different markets..

MicroGamer4386d ago

If a cell phone has a screen the size of a PSP screen, it is no longer convenient to carry. That is why the NGage failed. (I can't believe they are making another one). It was too big for a cell phone and too small for a handheld. I don't see cell phones ever doing more than simple games.

Marty83704386d ago

There on about the mobile market has huge potential for games,over 800 million mobiles sold.Imagine been a dev and making a hit game.They could make sh*t loads of dosh.800 million thats alot of users/gamers.