MS Spending Big on Casual in Europe

Edge Online writes: "Chris Lewis, vice president of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business in Europe, Middle East and Africa, has told Edge Magazine that the company is focusing on Europe when it comes to growing the Xbox 360's market share, and that seducing the casual market will play a key role in its efforts.

European 360 sales have long trailed those in the US, despite the region's larger population. With the PlayStation brand retaining strong cachet, Xbox 360 routinely sells the fewest consoles each week in France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

"[Europe is] a very textured region, as you know very well, and we enjoy fabulous success in some parts of the region and relative marginal success in others," Lewis said in a recent interview. "And our plan quite clearly is to invest in the right marketing, the right content and to align the platform in a way that we are hugely successful everywhere."

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Jamie Foxx3585d ago

throwing money about left right and center doesnt guarantee success

think its time time to invest that money in being alot more innovative

i think alot more people would respect them then

Shadow Flare3585d ago

Microsoft have been on the market in Europe practically a year and a half longer then the ps3 in europe. And the more expensive ps3 has overtaken the 360 in total sales there. So whats that amount to on microsoft's behalf? FAIL

Real gamer 4 life3585d ago

Yea well let them try, and lets see what happens, they have the right to try and market their product. I think that its to late for either sony or microsoft to go after the casual market. Nintendo took the casual market this generation, and nothing is going to take away that choke hold that nintendo has over the casual market. Well i also belive sony has a better chance going maistream then microsoft, just because of blueray player. Blueray victory over hd-dvd make the ps3 price point more justifiable. As hd tv grows in popularity, so will blueray. And if blueray becomes mainstream, the ps3 wills start to pick up sales being that the ps3 is the best blueray player in the market. And as the price of blueray player goes down so will the price of the ps3.

Vojkan3585d ago

so in short translation they want to copy Sonys succes in EU with casual market. Hmm now it all makes sense with those many copy cat games

Xi3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

release some cgi trailers and call them target renders then continually delay the games that are supposed to come with them.

The hardest thing in advertising to fights is continous hype and self-defined expectations. Instead of making good games year round they need to just create a bunch of hype for games that may never see release...

Because it's obvious when they come up with original ideas everyone rips them off. Then when they try to re-make these titles they're consitantly thought of as ripping people off... Like Microsoft music mixer.

ravinash3585d ago

I think "Casual" is the new in word now you can say next Gen any more.