PS3 Theme of the Week: Killzone 2

With the release of firmware 2.4, many themes have yet to be updated to implement 2.4 icons. Designed by REDNAVE, this new Killzone 2 theme is one of the f...

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kingOVsticks3704d ago

that is actually pretty sweet the xmb bar looks sick....the picture for this article doesn't add up with killzone 2 theme o.0

LiquifiedArt3704d ago

If that PSU CRAPTASTIC LOGO is at the bottom. ITS WORTHLESS!

Jpinter3704d ago

The PSU logo isnt watermarked. No worries

Chubear3704d ago

Ofcourse the PSU logo isn't on the theme when you DL it. Haven't you ever DLed a theme before for PSU? Jeez, the community jsut insist on being ignorant this gen.

A theme like this would cost you money on another platform and the PS3 user base gets stuff like this for free but somebody's always got to make it seem like a negative somehow - just stupid!

TheExecutive3704d ago

the logo isnt at the bottom. This theme rules.

Kill Sarah3704d ago

what the hell is this ?
XMB sucks , killzone 2 sucks !

Fishy Fingers3704d ago

Yet here you are looking at it? The irony of the fanboy I guess.

Kill Sarah3704d ago

u guys suck
anyways i'm bored i'm gonna go play warhawk
.... i mean HALO 3 !!!!!!!!!

juuken3704d ago

Please pick up your FAIL pass for the FAIL train up ahead.
Thank you.

BigPappaPump3704d ago

Don't let the rrod smack your @$$ hater.

zo6_lover273704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

Just another trolling Xbot, and BTW, are themes are FREE, yours aren't.


Same goes with wallpapers, ours FREE, yours not.

pwnsause3704d ago

"what the hell is this ?
XMB sucks , killzone 2 sucks !

Says the guy that pays for His themes on XBOX live, poor xbot. did you know that sony won an award because of the XMB? poor xbot...

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The story is too old to be commented.