Eurogamer: InFamous Preview

Preview by Ellie Gibson

"You can whine all you like about the fact 99 per cent of games are the same nowadays, about how they're all about shooting monsters into bloody messes in post-apocalyptic American cities. I spent 99 per cent of E3 week doing just that. But are developers simply being lazy? Or are they just giving gamers what they want?

Take InFamous. It's set in a post-apocalyptic American city, so that's one box ticked. However, it's not about shooting. You play an Cole McGrath, a man with the power to absorb, control and discharge electricity. He can use it as a weapon, firing lightning bolts down from the sky. He can also use it to heal people - restarting their hearts with a burst of power like a human defibrillator."

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TheColbertinator3584d ago

I've got a feeling lightning isn't the only trick he can use.This game is coming along nicely

Galvanise3583d ago

Games often get criticised for being the same, but now journalists are criticising InFamous for being different.

This game looks and plays incredible, why can't journalists see that?

supahbad3583d ago

it wouldn't be the first time

supahbad3583d ago

i would've slapped those journalists, i can't wait for this one looks hella fun. i just don't see how sony is going to release so many game in the spring of 2009, i have a feeling we will see delays to decrease competion unfortunately. sigh..

ThatCanadianGuy3583d ago

"Yeah," says the journalist, "But what about exploding heads and torn limbs and, you know, all that stuff that's cool for the kids these days?"

I dont really care about the gore,there's enough gore in games these days.As long as i can shoot a bolt of lightning through a body and watch the carcass sizzle on the's good enough for me.

juuken3583d ago

"A journalist pipes up. "Is he going to have any weapons in the finished game?"

There is a pause. Fox looks at the journalist incredulously and says, "The dude can shoot lightning out of his hands!""

...*falls over laughing*

This game looks awesome so far.