Nintendo explains details of WiiSpeak device

Nintendic Writes: "Nintendo dropped somewhat of a bombshell at this year's E3 event by unveiling not only the expected Animal Crossing game for Wii, but a special microphone device called 'WiiSpeak' that allows people to communicate with others across the world via games that make use of the new service. Now more details on WiiSpeak have emerged

Certain people have pointed out a potentially major issue that could arise from having the WiiSpeak microphone say atop a noisy television - background noise interfering with the transmission. Surely when people are trying to talk to others through WiiSpeak there would be a massive problem with the loud noises emitting from games themselves blocking out the actual voices of gamers."

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ChickeyCantor3643d ago

I hate it when Nintendo pretends that "people" dont like to make a choice. Why not make a system where I can choose if i want Voice chat enabled and a parental lock.
Such nonsense.

Night4ll3642d ago

I definitely agree with you...

IdleLeeSiuLung3642d ago

I don't think Nintendo has a chance on the next generation with this mindset. It seems like, they hit one jackpot and then think they know what the consumers want....

I bought a Wii, but rarely every use it. Kind of regret supporting Nintendo.

Pacifist3642d ago

Nintendo doesn't seam to understand that all these kids that play wii have parents that can control what they play. Nintendo needs to back off and stop pretending to be our parents.

Altered_Soul3642d ago

When I first heard of Wii Speak, I was really excited for any voice chat. When I found out it was based upon a more or less omnidirectional system with software filtering, all I could think about was that Nintendo is messing with us.

I look forward to the WiiSpeak software, but I am looking more towards third party wireless headsets that should have been used with Wii Speak in the first place. And now that we know its USB, thats more or less whats going to happen. Nyko has to be salivating right now at the market Nintendo will miss out on.