Sony's 16.4-inch VAIO FW laptop gets previewed

Maybe it's the 16.4-inch panel, or maybe it's the built-in Blu-ray drive. Whatever it is, Sony's VAIO FW has garnered quite a bit of attention. Just a fortnight after getting (extra) official, this nimble monster made its way into the loving arms of NotebookReview, where critics couldn't resist giving us a sneak peek before penning the fleshed-out review. We'll just get it out there -- initial impressions are really positive. Fit, finish and build quality were all deemed "excellent," and the overall design was dubbed "beautiful."

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achira3645d ago

owner of 2 vaios. i think the design is really beautiful.

Kill Sarah3645d ago

what the hell is this ? i hate it no no the design sucks
what's that ? sony ? no no that's bad just bad i hate it

militant073645d ago

for sony vaio not worth it look at the hardware
slow Computer and low ram
when you look at other laptops like dell you find the same with 1/2 less price !
just beasue its "SONY" cost that much

zo6_lover273645d ago

They all have 4gb of RAM, except one that has 2gb

thewhoopimen3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

That looks exactly like an Apple Powerbook.... can't they not rip of designs and come up with their own?

shazam3645d ago

Don't all laptops have pretty much the same design?

thewhoopimen3645d ago

I think you're mistaking design features with design. While there isn't much in the way of feature differences, design could easily go many different ways.
I'm sure there are plenty of design and colour schemes available to choose from, Like Acer's ferrari red design. I mean comeon you have a cell phone. Do all cell phones look the same? Sure they function the same... but there are plenty designs to choose from.

immarriedtoafatchick3645d ago

get me one and i will suq yo diq mannnnn

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