Fujitsu Claims First 300Gb 2.5-inch SATA HDD In The World.

Fujitsu today announced the development of the world's first 2.5-inch hard disk drive (HDD) that offers storage capacity of 300 gigabytes (GB) with a Serial ATA (SATA) interface.

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FordGTGuy3964d ago

the first DVR & HD-DVR TVs? That would be pretty damn awesome.

Siesser3964d ago

Tivo already makes an HD-DVR. I'm just waiting for that $800 price tag to drop. Unless you were talking about an HD-DVR via a console or soemthing . . .

DJ3964d ago

Shove THAT into a PS3. (and laptops) =]

FordGTGuy3964d ago

I meant putting the HDD into the actual TV I currently own the Tivo HD-DVR from Direct TV. DJ laptops would be a great idea but for the PS3 you might as well go cheaper and just buy a bigger one. God knows you have the room in there for it and it will be much cheaper.

Marty83703964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

Putting a 3.5" drive in PS3 is'nt recommended as they tend to give off more heat than a 2.5" drive.If a internal 3.5" drive was suitable for PS3 don't you think Sony would have used one.It would have reduced costs for starters.I'd personnally buy a external 3.5" and one that as large as possible.

DEIx15x83963d ago

That's gonna be a hefty price. I've been trying to price there other drives and from what i can tell the 100GB Fijutsu drive is about $100 everywhere except the official store which has it about $200. The 200GB drive isn't available anywhere from what i can tell. The largest that i have found is the 160GB. Expect this to be expensive and rare when it is released but i'm sure Western Digital and Seagate will follow quickly with cheaper and more available versions. Anyone interested should probably wait till the next size though. With hard drives they tend to have the top size extremely over priced so the second highest size is usually the best value.

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