Artificial Intelligence

Article written by Andrew Giese:

"Artificial Intelligence is taking increasingly more important roles in new video games. Instead of the once-simple enemies that patrolled set paths and performed an attack when the player got within an arbitrary distance, gamers of today expect enemies that work together, solve problems, and most importantly, express emotion. A game's artificial intelligence system is designed such that all these goals are met and enacted realistically in the right context in-game.
To get a better grasp of artificial intelligence in video games, we spoke with the people behind Kynapse, the same A.I. middleware solution used in the upcoming Fable 2.

To better understand Artificial Intelligence, we spoke with Michel Kripalani, Director of Business Development, Games Technology Group, who has been involved in projects developing tools like 3ds Max, Maya, HumanIK, and a premier artificial intelligence middleware solution named Kynapse. Kynapse's touch can be easily recognized in popular games like Crackdown and the upcoming blockbuster Fable 2."

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PwnShop3673d ago

I think AI is more ignored than it should be. Now people just care about which games have the best textures or the best lighting, but i think impressive AI is far more important than impressive graphics.

panasonic233673d ago

crack down ai was oustanding same goes for fable 2

Amadeo3673d ago

I actually wasn't that impressed by Crackdown...


supahbad3673d ago

i haven't seen any videos showcasing the AI in fable2

Highwayman3670d ago

The dog...but really I don't think he was really meant to demo the A.I. although since it's Lionhead I am sure the A.I. will be great!

Xi3673d ago

Specially now with people finding more uses for it, Left 4 dead's AI director for example.

I love games with outstanding AI like in Halo 3, and I can't wait to see how the dog in fable 2 will turn out.

AnthonyPerez3673d ago

A great piece on AI, and yes, we certainly do need more going on in this realm.

What I found interesting was the huge obstacle in creating realistic AI that adapted in real time to the demands of destructible environments and intensive physics calculations. It's got to a be a b**** to have something artificially controlled react to things happening in a game world that are dependent on the actions of the players and have thousands of possibilities for movement, shifting, and destruction.

Amadeo3673d ago

Quite honestly, I believe artificial intelligence is the key to the evolution of gaming. Visual fidelity will bring us but so far. When graphics become "photo-realistic," what then? It just means that the games will look better. But what about next generation gameplay. Games that evolve merely visually will mean nothing, because there will be a certain point when that stops impressing. When friends and enemies actually begin to "learn" and effectively problem solve, is when we'll be looking at the evolution of gaming. I can't wait for that day; I just hope my Xbox doesn't come alive and kill me in my sleep.

AlexQuevedo3673d ago

Yeah, I'll have to say good AI really proves how far along games are coming. I mean, it's the standard now to have good graphics. Having good AI is not.

Gammbit3673d ago

I dunno that Left 4 Dead's AI will really blow me away. I think I'm more intrigued in the simple random placement of the enemies every single time.

Also, good conclusion. Anyone who thinks 2001 is just around the corner is insane. How can we program an AI to act as we do when we can't even understand why we act as we do?

Xi3673d ago

in L4D there's an AI director who controls when and where the enemies spawn, and in what amount. It uses deciding factors like amunition, health, and even how rapidly/chaotic your movements are, this is what makes the game truely original every single time.

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