Chibi-robo creator making musical touch game

Nintendic Report: "Following the success of GiFTPiA and Chibi-robo on the GameCube, ex-Squaresoft developer Kenichi Nishi went on to create a special Nintendo DS project called 'Archime-DS' that is set to come to Europe at the end of August this year as 'Bakushow'. Now Nishi-san has something new on the horizon.

Sadly, though, the game is currently only coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms rather than any Nintendo format. The official website for Newtonica does not reveal anything at the moment, other than the game is seemingly being developed solely by Kenichi Nishi-san's own development team 'Route24', just as was the case with Archime-DS (or LOL DS, as it is known in the US, and Bakushow in Europe). That does not mean there are no outside partners involved, though, since Archime-DS actually used some staff from Skip Ltd. (the team that is currently working on Captain Rainbow now for Nintendo on Wii)."

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