Sony intros unsightly BRAVIA T Series HDTVs in Asia-Pacific

Whoa there, Sony. Usually your designs are fairly impressive -- sleek, if nothing else -- but this all new BRAVIA T Series is most certainly not pretty. Boasting "powerful side speakers with a choice of Dual Tweeters or a 3D Woofer with side duct for a complete entertainment experience," these sets sacrifice style in order to flank a set of speakers on the side of the panel. For those that can look beyond it, you'll find a BRAVIA Engine 2, Intelligent Picture and MPEG Noise Reduction, with models ranging from 19- to 32-inches.

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Dom63903709d ago

It looks quite kwl to me if u mount it on the wall with out the stand it makes a huge difference and with a whole surround sound system built in who cares is its a bit less attractive

Drekken3709d ago

This is way better looking than speakers all over the place and a bundle of wires behind your tV. I dont see the problem with this!

Only thing is, secure it to the wall good so the boom boom doesnt knock it off the wall! hah