Wii Fits nicely into New York gym

New York, New York. So good they named it twice and decided to charge upwards of $2000 (£1000) a month for a poky studio flat.

Now Manhattanites fed up with breaking crockery or putting an arm through a wall of the city's famously petite apartments while playing their Nintendo Wiis can lash out to their heart's content.

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RealityCheck3670d ago

Sad really, from the picture it looks like they wasted a perfectly good squash court.

f7897903670d ago

I'm still confused as to why they would do this. Cant the people get their own Wiis with a 60" tv that would eventually be cheaper.

immarriedtoafatchick3670d ago

fail lol million already own it at home

mf_fm3670d ago

looks fun to me.

most important it will get you excited to move, because it's fun to do so, motivation.

SaiyanFury3670d ago

A Wii at a gym? Too bad it's not real exercise.