1UP: Dead Space: Building a New Intellectual Property

The architects of the Dead Space cross-media strategy had a brief panel at Comic-Con in which they discussed why they wanted to bring this intellectual property to the pop-culture mediums of videogames, comics, and animated features. The team's goal is to have each of these products set the tone for the next one, akin to passing the baton during a long-distance relay.

They also took time during the panel to emphasize that if gamers only played the videogame incarnation of Dead Space, they would still be able to understand events that have transpired in the other products. The cross-media products are designed as supplementary material that is still rich enough to stand on its own, with specific characters, beginnings, and endings for each. They hope readers care about these characters, so that if and when they were killed, the shock of their death effectively delivers a horrific experience for the fans. "If you don't care about the guy whose head just got lopped off, then we've failed," explained Antony Johnston, author of the Dead Space comic.

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Hellsvacancy3525d ago

not sure if im gonna buy it yet more of a rent i think, i cant see there bein much of a replay value (much like Uncharted) but who knows.

The last game i played with the same sort of nature as Dead Space was The Thing (Ps2) it was great i really enjoyed it, i hope Dead Space is the same.

Im not sure if im gonna like the new feature they hav implemented where u cant pause the game, has it been confirmed yet?

PwnShop3525d ago

You can pause in the game, they removed that feature.