Leaked Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard running on Modded 360s.

xhavok87 reports that he has managed to get the leaked Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard running on a modded Xbox 360. He has posted a video of it running.

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Laexerias3618d ago

I mean.. what the hell, the new Dashboard, leaked.. ? Lol i mean, it isnt that great if the Dashboard is leaked after it announcement.. ?

Silver3603617d ago

leaked dashboard only works on modded 360. Modded 360 goes online account gets banned. Dashboard has lots of new online functions, so remind what the point of this is?

chasegamez3618d ago

i hope this is true
i have a modded 360
i have haven't paid for a game on that console
in 2 years

Dark_Vendetta3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

and you're proud of it? Welcome on my ignore list

Altis13617d ago

You are the f*cking reason games cost as much as they do.

The Dark Knight3617d ago

geez fellas yous are acting like games got banned. whats it matter to you if he has a modded xbox? your money only goes into bill gates wallet and im fairly sure he has just enough ;)

Altis13617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

No, my money goes to the developers that bust their ass to make a game, and when some piece of sh*t modder just goes and basically steal all that hard work for their own pleasure, it just pisses me off. Gaming is a hobby and if you can't afford your hobby, then look into another hobby.

chasegamez3617d ago

hey i have a ps3 over 25 games
i paid for all in full
dvd disc is last gen easy 2 copy

Altis13617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

So are you saying that developers that put their games on DVD's don't deserve any profits for their work.

Just because DVD is easy to copy doesn't make it right. You may have 25 paid PS3 games, but the question is how many games, regardless of platform, didn't you pay for?

Lelouch V Brit3617d ago

Wise comment, veryyyyyyyyyy wise.

TheMART3617d ago

Although pirating isn't cool I am pretty curious how many of you above that condemn the 360 modded console do copy stuff for the PC, like Windows, games, Photoshop and other stuff. I bet a lot of you do.

And to nr. 1 you can't run the dashboard on your DVD drive modded console. You need an Infectus chip...

silverchode3617d ago

cheap stuff is cool. i modded my ps2 couple years ago and only paid 5$ for games.

The Dark Knight3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

wow sorry if i hurt anyones feelings lol.......weird people these days

ps.. atlis1 stop acting like a politic...its a effing video game site. chillax

Millah3617d ago

All of you here are talking sh*t about modders bootlegging games, but I can without a doubt guarantee that you all are stealing SOMETHING in one form or another on the internet. Probably stealing music, or windows applications, or other you all shouldn't be acting like Saints like that. Just say you disagree, and move on with your life.

Besides game piracy has such a little effect on the games industry that a lot of developers don't even pay attention. Video game sales are sky rocketing and are at all time highs, I don't think these pirates are affecting the developers all that much.

And games are not 60 bucks because of piracy, I honestly have no idea why games are 60 bucks for consoles (they claim high development costs now), because PC games are still 50 dollars (even the PC counterparts of 60 dollar 360 games), and PC gaming suffers the most from piracy....faaaar worse than console piracy.

DarK-SilV3617d ago

Millah I agree
bubble up

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krakdol3618d ago

It looks crappy, as usual with Micro$oft.

Darksaviour693617d ago

looks better than the current gui

krakdol3617d ago

Yeah, that's probably the saddest thing.

Pain3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

never cease to amaze me.

can we have a "Cure' for cancer please?

and Yes its ugly, Just a Bad PS3 XMB/Apple Cover-flow rip-off.

absolutecarnage3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

hey how your home (aka) sim's rip off doing ....... oh that's right it delayed until 2010 and then you'll need about 1000 updates because playstation tried to make it to complex keep on waiting buddy

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SuperSaiyan43618d ago

If people like you keep that up there may not be any games in future the industry has already taken a hit and games are not as enjoyable as they used to be, I can name more great Xbox 1 games than any 360 game that I could hold up high and say its the best ever.

Keep it up pirate hope you get whats coming to you and the rest of your legion of thieves.

Skerj3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

Hah that's not a piracy problem, that's a developer problem. Keep churning out the same stuff because something similar sold, then excellent games get swept under the rug to make way for more shooters. Although I wholeheartedly agree with the Xbox -> Xbox360 game sentiments.

Darksaviour693618d ago

shame there is no homebrew community for the 360, the only reason to have a modded xbox 360 is for pirating at the moment

psycho3603618d ago

I bet linux would run very well on 512mb, 3 x 3.2ghz cores and dedicated gpu. Maybe WINE would be able to run pc games on 360. Imagine the possiblities....

Skerj3618d ago

With a half gig of ram? Nothing current that's for sure.

Darksaviour693617d ago

Direct port would be better than Running a game via Linux, less over heads. But direct ports are only possible if there is source code available