You Owe it to Yourself to Play These 5 Underrated Japanese Games

Japanese games don't always get the best rep in western territories. But here are five special underrated gems that you need to check out.

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Nonscpo1240d ago

They had some interesting recommendations.

Germany71240d ago

I still need to play these games, can't wait for Nier on PS4 too.

DualWielding1240d ago

the 4 first chapters of Umineko were the greatest thing ever but something really wrong happened with the final 4

Viper71240d ago

The first 4 are question arcs, the last 4 are answer arcs. The latter is written to give you answers to questions given by the first 4 which is why they are very different.

DualWielding1240d ago

that's precisely the problem the answers arc don't really answer anything and instead become even more esoteric (there was some good stuff here and there though, like Jessica's scene with the doll)

Viper71239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Maybe you've been interpreting them somewhat wrong, they gave a lot answers on the mysteries surrounding the island and a ton of hints on howdunit. Whodunit stuff was ofcourse left to the final chapter.

For example the riddle surrounding the island was covered in great detail and whole mystery around Beatrice was slowly revealed during the 4 answer arcs.
Battlers role change and his fights between of Erika and Dlanor gave a ton of hints on how the murders where done.

It can be pretty hard to follow though with all the illusions going around with Witches fighting left and right concealing what's really happening.

This is pretty much all I can say without spoilers.

isarai1240d ago

REALLY hoping for a ps4 remaster of Drakengard 3, it was one of the very few games where the frame rate was just so bad i couldn't enjoy it. No exaggeration that thing hit slideshow speeds very often, and sometimes just outright stops for a second or two.

Theangrybogan1240d ago

You owe it to yourself to not have to click on 5 pages