Red Alert 3 System Requirements Revealed With Screenshots

Strategy Informer writes:

"EA are planning to launch the open beta test for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 soon, and in order to allow gamers to check if their PC's will be able to run the game, EA has revealed the first details on the system requirements."

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Tyrael3404d ago

Can't wait, was a huge Red Alert 2 fan.

"Is it done, Yuri?"

"No, comrade premiere, it has only begun..."

solsub3404d ago

Loved RA2 and its expansion, YR. I still play it to this day thanks to the awesome modding community.

Caph3404d ago

The yellow crates in the picture are exactly the same as in command and conquer.. Anyways I hope that it´s fun in LAN.

BludoTheSmelly3404d ago

They really upped the anty from cc3.

BoneMagnus3404d ago

support Key. and Mouse?

My PC is a dinosaur...

agentace3404d ago

...but its not coming out for awhile cause they stopped to foucsed on PC&360

dommafia3403d ago

great so far. Map load up in 3 seconds flat, no lie. This is the fastest version of the SAGE engine without a doubt. I can run full gfx settings with no fps drop at all. The funny thing is that a game like cnc3 took ages to load the map when you had your graphics maxed out and this game has better graphics and loads faster.