In-Game Ads – Where the Discussion Needs To Go Now

Thomcult: It isn't a question of if anymore, but when. In-game advertising is almost without a doubt going to play a major role in the financing of videogame development in the near future. What then are the implications on the structure of play in a world where our virtual experiences are brought to us by third party sponsors?

This discussion is an important one, for those both for and against. Even as we speak advertisers are finding ways to integrate sponsored content into games. It is only by keeping up with their work, and not letting it happen behind the scenes whilst both sides of the debate go at loggerheads, that it is possible to monitor and feedback into it. It is important to drop the cliche of innapropriatly placed billboards in FPS games and look at the issues seriously. Ensuring that advertising works and is beneficial for both the gaming and development community should be everyone's top priority.

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kingme713497d ago

I don't mind in game advertising unless it is forced on you. If it's just a billboard, fine with me. There was an article about being able to shoot up a billboard from an advertiser in game. I don't recall which game had that, but I think that is ingenious. It gets you to look at their product even if you are blowing it away.

In this day and age of TiVo/DVRs, advertisers must be scrambling to get your eyes on their ads. I rarely watch TV ads, just FF on by them.

jlytle12343497d ago

advertising in game is a great way to make games more profitable for developers. I can see sport games and kid friendly games getting ads, but i wonder who is going to be ballsy enough to advertise in mature games and risk their reputation. Think about coca cola advertising in gta, with its cop killing, car stealing, hooker sexing ways. Its no worse than advertising for a mature tv show or movie, but because its a game and "interactive violence" it makes it that much more "immoral" to the self-righteous. I can see churches boycotting coke.

name3497d ago

As long as their aren't advertisements during loading screens or anything like that, then I'm fine with it. no biggie.