230° 2.0 Rumors has received a hot rumor about the major changes coming to as Blizzard upgrades their game hosting service to support the upcoming Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 titles. An excerpt:

"When D3 comes out, Blizzard will be making major changes to All players will have a universal account for all games. They will start selling a $6 key chain with a digital face that updates every 10 minutes or so with a new 11-digit number. That 11-digit number will be your password. This will make it nearly impossible to keylog or bruteforce accounts."

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Xulfxulf3640d ago

It's long been confirmed that Blizzard has a huge customer service and support center in Austin, and they repeatedly mentioned the big upgrades and security fixes coming to with SC2 and D3, plus the recently implemented the code scrambling device for WoW accounts. So this is a pretty believable rumor, as far as rumors go.

Leord3640d ago

Yeah, at this point, most of 2.0 is still speculation, except for the little things they might have said by mistake.

Thinking that they are aiming to have the best gaming network in the world when it launches is probably not unlikely though. (whether they succeed is another question, but chances are that they will)

thehitman3640d ago

key thing sounds stupid for a game. I dont want my password changing every 10minutes.... thats really annoying and if you lose ur key-thing then ur basically screwed beacuse not only can you not recover your password but you have to go buy a new 1 and prob do some extra things just to log in. That would really suck.

Leord3640d ago

That probably won't be mandatory. The WoW keyring was sold out within a day on the Blizzard Store page. I think a lot of people will use it.

ry-guy3640d ago

I'd buy the keyring.

I think that would be a neat feature that could go a long way. A new way of battling computer piracy.

Sprud3640d ago

I've bought the WoW keyring since I prefer to be 100% safe rather than 99%.
It only takes 5 secs extra to login.

Skerj3640d ago

Wow, implementing key fobs in a game is a sign of some serious sh*t. Entropia Universe has one and that's because people buy ingame islands for $29k and stuff.

Odion3640d ago

I am telling you right now that it will be a cold day in hell when I pay for Battle.Net

rossifranklin3640d ago

Why would they charge to play D3, I've never seen any statement by Blizzard that would suggest this. is likely to remain free as it's always been (WoW is not part of .) If D3 has the same security and what not as WoW, doesn't mean it will cost.

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