New Killzone 2 Screenshots - Air Vehicle and Devices

A few new Killzone 2 screenshots showing off some hand-held device in the game as well as one of the enemy airships. The screenshots are small, but good nonetheless.

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Fishy Fingers3669d ago

Think these are just screen grabs from the multiplayer footage released. Still looking great and I wonder what that first device is, seem like some sort of scanner (x-ray?). Second device shown is the medic.

Jpinter3669d ago

Ah ok. I had never seen them cool

Tryst3669d ago

Jpinter: check the footage out which these shoots are based on, you won't be disappointed. Watching that plan coming and lay down some fire is brilliant.

spandexxking3669d ago

have you got a link for that vid, would be much appreciated thanks.

Tryst3669d ago

If you use the search engine on this site and search for Killzone 2 multi-player you should get some stuff. The only ones I could find just now was the short version, but there is an extended version floating about somewhere.

gameraxis3668d ago

the bes most in depth is "gamespot killzone 2 multiplayer e308 stage show" search that in gamespot or google and u'll enjoy it

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Rob0g0rilla3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

Compression killed the quality. Pictures really don't do this game any justice, you have to watch the videos.

PwnShop3669d ago

Are vehicles playable in the game?

Fishy Fingers3669d ago

Yes I believe only Tanks and Aircraft are currently confirmed but I imagine there will be a host of others.

gameraxis3668d ago

thats a drone, not a manable aircraft, but f u heard aircraft was confirmed... thats just awesome, i also heard and saw tanks

Playstation Man3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

Da Bots gotz Owned by KILLZONE....again....this week...

Cartesian3D3669d ago

with Killzone engine Im sure it feels real as well..

cant wait to see more features for Killzone , because I want it to be the BEST FPS of the decade(cuz of production value,labour(labor) for the motion capturing and level design.. etc )

there is no other FPS out there with this amount of effort..

thanks Guerrilla and SONY

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The story is too old to be commented.