PSU: Best Graphics of E3 2008

E3 is all about the latest and greatest in the videogame industry. Often, the latest and greatest happens to be the new tech developers are implementing within their games to make them look really, really pretty. Which PlayStation games caught PSU's eye at E3 2008? Read on for the nominees.

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Panthers3612d ago

Killzone is the obvious choice. This is going to be truly amazing in HD.

TheColbertinator3612d ago

Killzone 2?No surprise there.

Shane Kim3612d ago

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo, my company is doomed when Sony unleashes this monster.

krakdol3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

Actually, your crapbox is already dead in Japan and dying in Europe, so no need of KZ2 there.

With a 33% failure rate (achievement unlocked) and some ridiculous pseudo 'next-gen' choices (no standard hard drive, hddvd ah ah nice try, no free online and so on), your console was a failure from the start to the end.

TornRaptor3612d ago

Your hatred is useless on me, i am impervious to fanboy rage.
The PS3 started as a dismal failure with its ridiculous start price, how did they expect the average pleb to afford it.
However things have turned around and the machine is a marvel to be reckoned with at a price that is more affordable... now if only this was the starting price the sales to date might look a lot different.

Cartesian3D3612d ago

killzone is the only game in FPS history that feels real (beside mirror edge, but even more cuz of sound effects, visual effects for the War scenes ,infinite amount of motion capture )

CoD4,Halo3,even Crysis .. all of them obviously feels unreal and you always know that you are in the middle of a video game.. not a REAL WAR !

Hueco Muendo Leader3612d ago

i love how pc fans say this as if crysis is the utmost of something, please that game is the overhype of graphics of the generation period

thenickel3612d ago

KZ2 definitely looks good but when HL2 was shown for the 1st time at E3 it looked better to me as far as wow went then KZ2 does. The wow factor isn't as deep and as a matter a fact GEOW2 and a few others look good as well. I'm looking forward to KZ2 for it's features and wont hold judgement on the game until it's released.

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The story is too old to be commented.