Delayed: Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People

What was once planned to be released in June got pushed back to July. And now it looks like the game will be pushed back to August...or later.

"We've been waiting to announce a release date until we have that approval, though, because until that happens, well, anything can happen!"

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TiKiMaN13494d ago

Hopefully the game will be prove to be awesome.

TiKiMaN13494d ago

Thought more people would have been interested in this news.

Tomdc3494d ago

y didnt u jus edit your original comment? =P

TiKiMaN13494d ago

It was too late by then it wouldn't let me edit. The first comment was made 6 hours before. :)

Kill Sarah3494d ago

what the hell is this ?
this game is gonna suck anyways
the next haze - lair - HOME - Resistance 2

kevnb3494d ago

its going to be crap anyway

RealityCheck3494d ago

They are probably having problems convincing Cammie to allow this game on the console. Maybe they should throw in a few cute puppies in there to sway her.