Chrono Trigger release date, price revealed?

It's previously reported that Square Enix's Chrono Trigger for the DS will be having a holiday release, but so far we haven't got hold of an actual date or pricing...until now. Upon checking online retail store GameStop, Chrono Trigger for the DS is pegged for a December 1 release, with a price tag worth US$ 39.99.

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Chris Hansen3646d ago

$39.99 for a 13 year old port that could of easily been $4.99 on virtual consoles? Square Enix can suck my balls.

Fox013646d ago

that's business my friend, strictly business.

Why selling a game for 5$, when we can sell it for 40$ (yes, that's 8*5)? why?? *business*

Prismo_Fillusion3646d ago

I think they're overhauling the graphics, making it not a port.

hay3646d ago

Not really Prismo. Based on screenshots, it looks like pretty much the same as snes version. I think I'll stick to psx version too(@2) or snes emulator(looks way better with graphic filters).

StephanieBBB3646d ago

Easily have a laptop with an Snes emulator installed to play over 1000 of snes games including Chrono trigger for free?

AllroundGamer3646d ago

just download a Snes emu + Chrono Trigger rom and you can show Square what you think of their new "money rulz" policy :)

Prismo_Fillusion3646d ago

You're correct hay, the graphics will be the same. However, they are adding the dual screen (not sure how, and I don't really care to be honest) and a new dungeon. I don't even own a DS! I don't have to know this stuff. :)

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DiabloRising3646d ago

Thanks Square. You guys suck lately. I'll keep my PS1 disc and play it on my PS3. Lame, lazy porting and overpricing, nice!

Lord_Ash3646d ago

That’s too much but I wouldn’t be surprised since Final Fantasy 1 and 2 for the PSP each cost $30 and they were lame PS1 ports with a lame added dungeon (2 didn’t have any additions) while they should’ve released both games for $30 and now knowing that allot of gamers missed playing Chrono back in the day (or desperately want to play it again) they are doing the same thing again, I hope it’s just a rumor anyway.

PS360WII3646d ago

Well those who don't know Square Enix are suprised, but if you have been dealing with the Square Enix tax since forever you would of known this to be the norm and would not be flustered by it.

[email protected]3646d ago

I got news for S-E... not buy it I'm going to stick with my PS1 version. Thanks for anyway*forthepooreffort*

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