Disney to support Blu-ray

In the recent release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest DVD, Disney displays a quick animated ad for its line up of Blu-ray movies coming soon.

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Raiyel4387d ago

Although we already knew Disney was on board for Bluray, It's good to hear they are still on track.

DJ4387d ago

now if only Universal can stop being so uptight and just appease the blu-ray customers.

MicroGamer4387d ago (Edited 4387d ago )

they will still be releasing their stuff on DVD, so HD-DVD users will still get to see it. Until they kill off DVD, consumers are going to be slower to adopt the newer technologies.

Organization XII4387d ago

I hope so that The chronicles of Narnia would be released on Blu-Ray so that I can watch it on my PS3..]

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