Bionic Commando Rearmed set for August 13th on XBLA

DarkZero: It seems Bionic Commando Rearmed has finally got a date, and should hit XBLA on August 13th. The news comes direct from Xbox Japan as they've let slip the date on the games splash page on their official site. As of yet it has not been confirmed if the game will hit US and Europe on the same day, but it is very likely to happen as most big games are usually released on the same day worldwide.

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Dolemite3711d ago

wish i could post in gamer zone. I've learned the error of my ways :(

This game is going to be great! I hope it has fixed some of the broken problems from the original.

Fishy Fingers3710d ago

PSN? I would buy it for the 360 but I want the PSP Remote play.

Dark_Vendetta3710d ago

I guess it's the same day for PSN

Fishy Fingers3710d ago

I hope so, I don't want to buy it twice just so I can play it at work (& on the toilet ;))

AllseeingEye3710d ago

If the ps3 version will come out sooner. I read they had problems with x360 version because of the file size limits. That would lead me to believe ps3 version was done but they had to hold it up longer not to anger MS.

Dark_Vendetta3710d ago

MS allowed them to use the space they needed (Bionic Commando and SSF are exceptions). The problem is the M rating (according to Famitsu). Looks like they finally managed it

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