Less Than A Month And a Half, MGS4 In Bargain Bins?

Kotaku writes: "Metal Gear Solid 4 hasn't even been out a month and a half, but according to Japanese sites, it's hitting the Sofmap "wagon sale" bargain bins where it joins the likes of Virtua Fighter 5 and SEGA's PSP brain trainer. The Konami stealth game was originally released for ¥8,800 (US$82), making it one of the pricier PS3 titles. (Expensive third party PS3 titles tend to book for around ¥7,800 or $72.) Here, what seem to be new copies of MGS4 are going for ¥3,980 ($37). We're not sure if this is an isolated Sofmap store or if other shops in the Sofmap chain are picking up on this price slashing or if this is just a Sofmap summer sale thingy. Amazon Japan has new copies going for slightly above ¥7,000, while the Special Edition is going for ¥5,980. Who knows."

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Alexander Roy3644d ago

Oh my god! They dare selling it for less than others, so that more people can afford it easier! Fast, call Konami, MGS4 officially flopped!

A little story for everyone:
When MGS4 was released here (Germany), many retailers sold the game (the normal edition) for 45 Euros. Today, most retailers here sell it for anywhere between 55 and 69 Euros. So, did they release it as a "bargain bin" game? No. They do the same with most titles over here (Halo 3, Super Mario Galaxy, GTAIV, all cheaper the first day).

Man, they really use every little bit against the PS3. I have yet to see a sane person b'tching about a game being not expensive enough. That's just pathetic.

Dark_Vendetta3644d ago

agree, but can you tell me where you get your games from (I'm also living in Germany)? 45€ sounds good

BobDog3644d ago

zomg how dare they sell msg4 =.=

Alexander Roy3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Almost everywhere in Berlin, for all I know. Every major retailer for electronics (Saturn, MediaMarkt) does that, but only for a short period after release, judging from the flyers. Dunno the prices in the rest of the country, though.

Real Gambler3644d ago

Look on the right side of the picture...

One Xbox and a PS2 game???

This is quite likely not the bargain section, but more likely the used section...

Dark_Vendetta3644d ago

I don't remember the last time I bought a game at Saturn or Media Markt because here in Munich new games always cost 70€. I even saw a game for 75€ and that's a complete rip off IMO

PimpHandHappy3644d ago

the ppl that disagree with you need to step up and say why!


Kotaku just cant find any real news! They feed of fanboy hits and this is just one more in the long list of BS storys

Dannagar3644d ago

@Real Gambler

However, there's also an Xbox 360 HD-DVD player and it's first hand news from Kotaku. It's more than likely the bargain bins section as Kotaku says.

IdleLeeSiuLung3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

lol!!! It is sitting right next to the Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive. So it is Japan, then it sits right next to an 360 accessory, but none the less it is the worst possible 1st party accessory, the 360 HD-DVD drive!!!

I love MGS4, but that is an ultimate slap in the face. In the bargain bin with the 360 HD-DVD player in Japan.

I got an extra copy of MGS4 on sale at Circuit City for $50 and received a $10 gift card in addition. There aren't too many games that end up in the bargain bin that fast.

Light Yagami3644d ago

They had Blue Dragon at the bargain bin one week after it's release. No joke.

gameraxis3644d ago

wheres the title, and don't try telling me that red triangle is it, someone at a games store put the used showcase with the used pricetag in the used bin or something like that, come on people, if this story is true, i should have waited

I LOVE my xbox3644d ago

LOL that last line was hilarious, bubbles for the laugh.

misterssippi3644d ago

Its definately not used. They have strict zero tolerance laws in Japan about stores reselling used games. MGS have never been a huge seller in Japan.

toothbrush3643d ago

Really? I've lived in Japan for the past 5 years and see used games in many, many stores...

n4gzz3643d ago

That kinda sux. now more people get to play mgs4 in cheaper price. LOL
Kotaku must be good finding cheap stuff. I wonder, if their staff are pro about finding cheap food to eat also, since they can only talk about low and cheap stuff..may be from dumpster ???

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wizerd3644d ago

Alexander Roy absolutely right

mesh13644d ago

HAAH WHEN YOU USE millions upon millions to develop a game for 4 years and it sells million copys you have a problem onyl games that dont make a profit for the company go into the bargain bins mgs4 looks avrage tbh but they used about 40 million dollers on that game prolly the most expensive game made this gen (due to hardwarecomplexity of the conciole they made it for which needs a lot of money to develop for) its a shame they didnt make a profit on mgs4 maybe this is a sighn its coming to other consoles.

Real Gambler3644d ago

They sold 2.5 millions at $50 each... That's 125 millions dollars. If truly it costed them only 40 million to make and manufacture, that's 85 millions dollars to split between Kojima Sony and the distributors. I would say that quite likely, most people got a decent amount of money out of that game no? Why do you think they didn't made a profit? Even if Kojima himself got only 1% of that, that's almost 1 million dollar!

prunchess3644d ago

Is it any wonder your down to 1 bubble with idiotic comments like that! MGS4 without a doubt is one of the best titles to come out this year. An absolute gem of a game.

As with any big selling game, with so many copies sold, it is only a matter of time before it winds up in a bargain bin, just like GTA4 and COD4.

solidt123644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

$50 each my @ss. I paid 59.99 not including tax so they made more like $149,975,000.

And that figure is not including the Limited Editions that sold for $69.00

if you add those in they made even more, but I don't know how many they sold so far.

prunchess3644d ago

You get your new releases cheap so. We pay 60 Euro here for a game, some places get away with 65 euro over here.

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Tacki3644d ago

More cutting edge journalism from Kotaku. -_-

A store in Japan has MGS4 in its bargain bin. Who the fu** cares.

CrazedFiend3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

It seems that you forget that there are some of us gamers who don't live down the street from you. Some of us do live in Japan. I guess by your logic I should be asking who the fu** cares about news for games in America huh? That's it! Turn in your avatar!!

Seriously tho, I was in Softmap in Nagoya yesterday and saw this bin. I didn't really think much of it, but if I didn't already have the game, I sure as hell would have picked one up. But don't worry. Softmap tends to have strange discounts like this, so I don't think that it's a trend or anything. These discounts are usually pretty short.

I also picked up a 500GB portable HD for almost half the price that other stores were selling it for at the time. I think it's store strategy to keep steal some of the traffic from the much bigger Bic Camera store across the street.

Armyless3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

is that Kotaku isn't generously handing out free advertising on Sofmap's behalf. Tacki was pointing that out, and you missed it, but not before you went on a sarcastic rant, that Kotaku is tabloid sensationalism. They thrive on the fringe elements of the gaming community that are choking the core game-hobbyists to sleep.

MGS4 on sale? Grab your wallets and stand in line!

MGS4 not selling well because someone took a picture of a bargain bin somewhere in Japan? That's "cutting edge" Kotaku journalism.

CrazedFiend3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Sorry, guess I did miss that point.

Can't say I know a whole lot about Kotaku. Just thought it was gonna be something like the "who cares about 360 news in Japan" kind of thing.

Sorry 'bout the rant Tacki. You can have your avatar back (^o^;)

Tacki3644d ago

No problem CrazedFiend. If you don't know about Kotaku's ways than I can see how you might take what I said the wrong way.

Who the heck took my bubble though? I very much enjoyed that sixth bubble. *sad face*

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Omega43644d ago

Its just a game which sells for cheap anyway, in the UK its sells for £30 which is cheaper than a Wii game

mikeslemonade3644d ago

Who cares it's mainly konami's problem. The PS3 still sold systems.