Develop: Full Steam Ahead

Valve tells us why the PC is stronger than ever

Some of the biggest developers are saying that the PC is dying as a gaming platform. But one in particular – Half-Life and Portal creator Valve – thinks that the PC is where the next generation is going to happen first, as we find out…

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unamed083705d ago

Not to be mean or anything, but at the rate Gabe's cardiac conditions are going, i don't see him be part of this world for the "next generation of gaming on PC "

fermcr3705d ago

There are many games coming for PC this year... i am happy as a PC gamer. I think pc gaming has a strong line up for this year.

mc3705d ago

all he can really name here is blizzard. what other companies are succeeding in making a good living from pc gaming?

TriggerHippie3705d ago

i have a hard time taking him seriously anymore... i think hes just trying 2 get as many developers 2 use steam as he can before PC gaming dies down anymore.