Six First Scans: Mirror's Edge Comic Book Sadly Not In First Person

Ripten writes:

"Several scans (six if you're counting) of the Mirror's Edge comic book surfaced on the web today, and it appears I wasn't too far off when I created the graphic above last week for visual purposes.

I am a little disappointed to be honest. You would think that a game edgy enough to go first person where many would have gone third, would have carried the theme into the comic. Come on guys! I was really hoping you would have shocked us and did the entire comic in the first person. Oh well.

The real cover and 5 inside page scans are available after the jump."

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cp683676d ago

Who gives a damn? only the game matters

Nostradavis3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Yeah I just think the idea of a comic done completely in first person would have funny.

Nevers3676d ago

a comic book .. entirely in first person would sell very well. I mean the hero is usually cool looking and thus is the reason people buy the comic. She's pretty hot... so making the comic 1st person like a game, would be a totally stupid move IMHO as an EX-comic/addict...

Nostradavis3676d ago

I agree, but it would have been funny.