Naked Chef Goes Virtual

Not one to miss a trick, Atari is next up to release a cooking guide for DS. But this one's got TV chef Jamie Oliver on the packet.

What's Cooking? With Jamie Oliver will be available for Christmas, hopefully with plenty of advice about what to do with all that dry turkey sitting in the kitchen.

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SickNote3670d ago

He is known as the Naked Chef...

deeznuts3669d ago

Yeah he's the "naked Chef"

Actually one of my favorite celeb chefs, as he's actually putting in work in real kitchens and what not. His earlier shows actually got me into cooking, as he strips down recipes and processes to bare bones (hence his name naked chef) and makes it seem so easy you go out and try his recipes.

Suggest anyone looking into cooking but are sort of intimidated, check out his earlier shows and books.

Obama3670d ago

I thought it was master chef on the cover :P.

f7897903670d ago

I will smash this and that "get off smoking" game if I ever see them in the store.