Where BioWare and Lionhead Failed–And Where 2K Boston and Rockstar Succeeded

EndSights writes:

"In the past, games like BioWare's Jade Empire or Lionhead Studios' Black and White tried to present the player with certain moral dilemmas during the game. The problem with their approach can be summed up best by looking at the latter game's title. The choices that were presented to the player were contrived, stark and easily identifiable. What this meant in the game is that the player was presented the "good" decision and the "evil" decision.

Unlike my Puritan brethren, I don't believe in the concept of Original Sin. The vast majority of human beings are peaceful, decent human beings. If you accept that, then what rational, decent human being would make the moral choice to be the evil, dark caricature that those games portrayed?"

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Superfragilistic3669d ago

Is in recognising that choice and storytelling are evolving concepts in the medium, and as such earlier titles such as Jade Empire and Black & White did not fail but were rather early steps in the right direction, that more recent titles such as Bioshock and then GTAIV developed upon and improved. :)

Nevers3669d ago

do you usually make so much sense... you really are ahead of this site LOL.

dannyhinote_133669d ago

True. However, recent entries like Mass Effect and potentially Fable 2 seem to show an unwillingness by BioWare/Lionhead to change course.

panasonic233669d ago

I agree with everthing u just said

edhe3669d ago

That these things fail when they simply offer you an ability to go back to a save point and try something different (ie gta4).

Bioshock was a bit better, as you had to keep your choice through the whole game if you felt that way, ME was better too imho as you could swing back and forth depending how you felt abou thandling the situation.

I look forward to fable2 which will grow your entire experience around the way you play, so hopefully you'll have an entirely different experience halfway through the game that you can't just 'load up a savepoint' to try the alternative.

thewesker3669d ago

i actually disliked how you could go up and down on a good/bad meter in a lot of bioware games. felt fake.

dachiefsman3669d ago

the writer of this article fails. Black and White and Jade Empire were both classic games and fun as hell. How can you even draw this comparison? It would be like comparing madden 04 to madden 09.

dannyhinote_133669d ago

Mass Effect would have applied, as well.

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