Fallout 3 perception "mismatch" due to secretive reveal plan, says Hines

Speaking to VG247, Bethesda's Peter Hines has said that people may have been surprised by the level of violence in the Fallout 3 E3 demo simply because little of the RPG has been shown so far.

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FCOLitsjustagame3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

I am not suprised by the level of violence, I just think its stupid for someones limbs to pop off when they are simply shot in the head. I have heard its an unlockable mod that can be turned on and off. I would turn it off. Having someones head explode (though also over the top) is at least reasonable, having them entirely pop apart doesnt strike me as "violence" or "gore" it strikes me as cartoony and stupid.

EDIT: When you read the article though it certainly doesnt sound like a mod that can be turned off, it looks like they were going for "comic" and stupid. That is a bit dissappointing. I will still hope for the best though.

Tacki3709d ago

I highly doubt that it will happen with the enemies every time you kill them. When demonstrated at E3 it was even stated that they had the 'bloody mess' perk on. Which is pretty self explainatory. So I wouldn't worry too much.

Superfragilistic3709d ago

The demo was conducted under the "bloody mess" perk. So whilst I expect Fallout 3 to be violent and gory, it'll only be turned to eleven with the perk. :)

beavis4play3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

from the article: hines went on to say that the violence in fallout 3 will have a distinctly comic edge to it.----

i agree with #1, the violence is just too cartoony. it doesn't look overly violent - it looks over the top slapstick. and i don't think it fits in with the seriousness of the apocalyptic setting. this comedic approach to the violence seems cheesy to me. if i want this i can buy the last soldier of fortune game.

definite pass for me if game ends up like this.

edit: for the disagree let me add this
from the article: "now the way it's(the violence) handled in fallout 3 is a bit over the top intentionally so that it's more comical than disturbing."---

look, i like the idea of the game and setting but these comments about the violence (i think) will take the player right out of the immersiveness of the game. sorry, i don't like that at all.

StephanieBBB3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

They had that perk on all the time during the demo of Fallout 3. If you have played fallout 1-2 and Fallout:Brotherhood of steel you would have known that.

I think that it's a waste of a perk point and would have taken Gifted or Good Natured instead...

supahbad3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

it's not a mod, it's a perk you get to choose from when making your character, do you really think they would show a mod at their first stage demo? you don't have to choose it there is a big list of perks to choose from

@1.3- it's a dark humor, it's not new the previous fallout games were much the same. kind of like Shawn of the Dead

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Uncommon Calibur3709d ago

It will actually be quite popular because its shaping up to be a very good game so far. sucks to be you

The Wombat3709d ago

Why in the world would any gamer ever hope for a game to flop...?

The more successful games the industry churns out, the more the industry grows. The more the industry grows, the more money developers and publishers will make. The more money they make, the more risk they can afford to take on fantastic games that might not be huge sellers i.e. Psychonauts or Beyond Good and Evil.

Nevers3708d ago

totally your choice in the FALLOUT series if I remember right.So this gore people are complaining of (lol) is something that you don't need to use. In fact, I'd say some of the other perks will proly be more advantageous to use. And FALLOUT has always had a dark-comedic stylistic choice as far as I remember as well. The original series was basically an adult game set in (at the time what many considered) a child's entertainment medium. Cartoonish dark comedy was all over the place.