WorthPlaying Preview: Mirror's Edge

WorthPlaying writes: "The first thing you should know about Mirror's Edge is that if a first-person shooter has ever made you motion-sick, or if you have a crippling fear of heights, this game will hit you like a hammer between the eyes. It is not for you.

For everyone else, Mirror's Edge is about fluidity. It's inspired by the French sport of parkour, treating an urban area like an obstacle course, with controls that fade into invisibility about five minutes after you figure them out. Once you stop stumbling over a new control scheme, you start moving more confidently, and before too long, you can allow suspension of disbelief to take over. The environments are constructed to allow a practiced player to swing, roll, flip, run, and jump through them with elegance and ease."

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Kilzombie3674d ago

But it doesnt seem to show anything new. I'd love to play a demo of the game, just to understand what everyone is going on about. The videos don't really convey that immersive feeling that you get when actually playing the game.