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Wonderful Ending to a Konami Press Event


"I talked about this conference in the podcast, and I felt that I did not do it enough justice with my words. Basically, the lady from Konami had just gotten done rocking with her band, and she was pretty good. Then her band leaves the stage and she picks up the Rock Revolution guitar to shred. From there, you just have to watch the magic that is live television.Oh, and just for the record, the horrible cover of this song, goofy looking drums and overall horrible presentation of this game should do wonders for Konami's reputation in the musical rhythm genre." (Culture)

Tacki  +   2626d ago
But I loved it. Oh boy, I don't even see how she could possibly have been THAT bad without actually trying to be! lol
SnakeShady  +   2626d ago
suck. epic fail. wtf is wrong with that game, is horrible.
PwnShop  +   2626d ago
She should play wii music instead
Skerj  +   2626d ago
Wow. ..that was pretty horrible.
BananaSlug  +   2626d ago
krisq  +   2626d ago
That was awesome!
Must not buy the first day for me...
TripleTags  +   2626d ago
I thought the Wii Music train wreck was bad!
ar  +   2626d ago
I remember a time when Konami was the undisputed king of music games. This era is far gone.
mikeslemonade  +   2626d ago
She has a nice ass. Watch in the beginning of the video. Female game developers are always welcomed in the gaming industry :)
StephanieBBB  +   2626d ago
Lol are you...
facking kidding me??? It looks like her back and her ass is glued together. A nice ass is nothing like hers m8 you need tog get out more or atleast come to sweden ^^
ENNO  +   2626d ago
I should have gotten someone to come up and....
LOL epifail!

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