The Armchair Empire Preview: Pure

The Armchair Empire writes: " There were very few surprises at E3 2008 and for me one those surprises was Pure - I didn't even know it existed until I laid eyes on it. The fact it's being released this Fall led me to quickly surmise that this would be quickie shovelware. After all, games usually generate some kind of buzz - negative or positive - a few months prior to it being shown to a wide audience. Well, let the buzz start.

Pure, which puts you on an ATV, can be favorably compared to the likes of the SSX franchise. With massive jumps all over the place and three normal and special - and the ability to string these moves along in combos, the emphasis is definitely on over-the-top tricks and having fun rather than being a simulation. The speed at which all this happens is convincing and, though time with the demo was all too brief, the ATVs feel weighty and really part of the world. The combination of the tricks and speed can produce fantastic results or tragic ends as demonstrated by some painful looking crashes which sent my rider flying."

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