Is gaming failing its most important demographic?

Destructoid writes: "Now that most of the 'important' E3 stuff is out of the way, I can look back at what really excited and impressed me about E3. Let me see, apart from a mini clip of Lara Croft swimming around (rather than the promised trailer you bastards), I can say that E3 was one big epic fail.

While a lot of the games looked fantastic, I already knew about them from my previous research into the titles so my main focus was on the consoles. Xbox has a new dashboard that has upset a large number of it's fan base, including myself. Nintendo thought that telling us that they are printing money and a bunch of shitty games would be worth our time (err, no). Sony decided to finally catch up on console features competitors already had as well as have no come back for the Final Fantasy XIII announcement.

While movies on demand and casual gaming is all well and good, did you feel something was missing from E3? I think the main worry is that companies are so desperate to hit on that "casual" market they are forgetting about their main demographic: the gamers."

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thePatriot3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

are for everyone.
as a ps3 owner (and a hardcore gamer) curent games definitly strike my gamers side. games on the psn are a nice balance like ying and yang.

waznotwaz3674d ago yin and yang.

Euphrate3674d ago

Sony for instance, if they didn't spend all our precious time with random games like "SingStar" acting like it's MGS4 or Resistance or something, then we would have had better games by now.

The lack of Japanese games is seriously disappointing, we get shooter after shooter and casual after casual....

There are only 2 shooters good, R2 and KillZone, KILL or Resist the rest.


Shankle3674d ago

I frankly think there's never been a better time to be a gamer. We're getting plenty games with epic story and presentation, top of the line gameplay and innovation to boot! ot to mention the graphics which are way better than what we expected. There's no way my wallet can cope with it!

kewlkat0073673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

Those are the games that seem to sell very well...

Then there are some games that will slowly continue to sell as more buy the consoles..

kingme713673d ago

Not sure this article made the point it was trying to make. Sure the Wii is casual, don't need a new article to tell us that. The other half of the argument centered around the new 360 dashboard redesign and avatars. That doesn't tell me hardcores are left out in the cold. There's TONS of games coming out in the next 5 months for hardcores. More quality games then ever before. E3 was a bit of a disappointment because nothing really new was announced, but all the '08 goodness was shown.

Maedhros3673d ago

Other than the Nintendo conference and a few moments in Microsoft and Sony's, there wasn't a change in focus from the "core" gamer. It was just broadened a bit to include others (which was actually a bad idea, given that only the core demographic and the gaming press actually follow E3, but hey!). What we were shown and what was announced may not have been as awe-inspiring as some previous E£ announcements, but that's not a good enough reason for these cries of abandonment.

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