Edge Preview: Skate It

Edge writes: "The uncanny valley isn't a phenomenon restricted to depicting organic things – as you bring a control scheme for any virtual instrument or tool close enough to the real thing, the points at which its control diverges become all the more startling. The use of the Balance Board to control a skateboard could be one such example.

Right now, Skate It on Wii permits a variety of inputs: the Remote by itself, or in conjunction with either the Nunchuk or Balance Board. However, developer Black Box has suggested that it would love to put all the control on the Balance Board itself. While it simulates much of a skateboard's control, jumping on and flipping a Balance Board is obviously out of the question – meaning that you would have to use the peripheral in some non-intuitive way, possibly ending up with a jarring mixture of abstract and directly representational control schemes issuing from the one peripheral."

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