Edge Preview: Dark Void

Edge writes: "To admit you were wrong takes courage: to do it four months into development in the production-milestone strewn world of games takes, if not madness, at least the sort of zeal normally only associated with polar explorers. But that's what fledgling studio Airtight Games did after first showing Dark Void to Capcom, deciding to ditch parachuting, giant robots, motorbike sections and pyramids in favour of… something.

About a week later, a new USP for the 360, PS3 and PC title had been hit upon: vertical cover combat. A 90º twist on the gunfights seen in Gears of War and GTA IV, the system sees the camera take a stomach-lurching twist whenever hero Will reaches one of the game's many cliffs and spires. From there, he climbs with the sort of agility most heroes can't manage on the ground, ducking behind ridges and outcrops as he clings on and shoots."

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