New PlayStation 3 Console Gains FCC Approval

PC World writes: "A new PlayStation 3 console was approved by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission last week, according to the agency's online filings database.

No information on the new model, number CECHL01, is available at present from the filing because Sony was granted short-term confidentiality on the papers but it is likely the 80G-byte version announced earlier this month during the E3 games show in Los Angeles. The console is due on sale in the next couple of months and will replace the current 40G-byte model."

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Omegasyde3711d ago

I wonder if the current 40 gigs will see a fire sale i.e. $350 or $300

butterfinger3711d ago

do drop the price of the 40GB, I will be picking up another PS3 for sure. It would be nice to have a blu ray player in every room in my house:P

mikeslemonade3711d ago

They have to do a clearance sale of some sort for the 40gb since they announced that the 80gb can be bought for the same price. Who is gonna buy the 40gb when the 80gb is coming out soon? So they gotta drop the 40gb to move those units faster.

caffman3711d ago

you only have 2 rooms in your house????

f7897903711d ago

They all bought 360s and say the ps3 is too expensive. They want one and I keep saying there are always sales forcing it down to $350 or even $300 and they dont know what to say.

Lifendz3711d ago

Start the new year with the 80gb and get the 40gb out there for 349.99 or so. Like someone said, that kills the elite and the new pro and ups the install base big time. That lead the 360 has would drop even more in the U.S. and PS3 would probably completely claim Europe.

But hey, Sony knows what it's doing here. After a rough start they really turned things around with PS3 and I can't wait to see where the system goes from here on.

butterfinger3711d ago

I already own 2 PS3's, but nice try.

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3711d ago

Now I will have to off-load my 40 gig to get an 80 gig. 40 is okay but with all the movies I watch, 80 will be nice. Does anyone know of the BC?

BWS19823710d ago

I asked about this in the forum and got somewhat of an answer, seems the BC is going out the window, basically the 40 GB that we know now is going to be bumped up with a double HD, and that's all, the rest is the same. Still leaves us with one SKU, and no BC in it, unless you can catch a MGS4 bundle, which is still very attractive, even though you could buy a $130 PS2, get 100% compatibility, you'd still be missing the mem card port, 2 extra USB drives, and you'd have 2 consoles taking up space. What's the big deal about leaving the software BC there, it's got so much demand, even though you'll you see a lot of hardcore gamers here who say "who doesn't have a PS2 yet?"...well a lot of people, it's sold like what 140 million consoles over it's life, and there's far more people on the globe, we all didn't get the luxury of getting what we wanted in our life each time. I want the BC...

karlostomy3710d ago

You already have 2 ps3s?
And you want to get a third? WTF?

With customers like you, it's no wonder the ps2 sold 130+ million.

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Silogon3711d ago

Sony just needs to do the following.

1 - Cut price to 300 bucks.
2 - keep 1 sku with a 60 gb hdd in it and encourage hdd upgrades.
3 - introduce an official HDD solution so consumers are more aware that they can do the upgrade. Make an internal and external sku for these.
4 - Backwards compatibility for PS1 and Ps2 games across the board using emulation.

That's what needs to be done.

MAiKU3711d ago

-Playstation3 is already BC with ps1 games. Playstation2 is still being sold.

-399.99 is pretty standard for a new system type production model.

-It says on the manual pretty clearly that the HDD is upgradeable.

What Sony REALLY needs to do is realize that they do have a firm standing with their first party support and now work on their 3rd party support.

Only the software can truly prove how powerful a system really is.

darkshiz3711d ago

They better get this out by holiday seasons, that's when it matters the most.

thebudgetgamer3711d ago

why would they need permission to ad a bigger hard drive to an existing product. i actually hope its something completely different

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3711d ago

yeah me too. Hopefully a detachable HD that you can port from console to console, easy file transfer, proper video filing etc. Hmm I wonder...

dktxx23711d ago

If Sony would just drop the price to $300 sales would sky rocket. Brand recognition is a powerful weapon and they have loads of it.

darkshiz3711d ago

I think most likely they'll go with $350 because retailers got to make money also and they make more money that way.

whoelse3711d ago

Well in Europe, stock is already low. Some people haven't even heard about the news so are continuing buying PS3s. If there are any left in EU by the time the new one launches, they said they may bundle a controller or game so they'd probably do the same in the US.

Sarick3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

I'm not a big fan of Microsoft but. (sigh)

Umm.. (pause), you assume that the Microsoft brand doesn't effect console sales as much as the Sony brand. Yes this new model would be nice if it was $300-$350. I disagree with your second part on brand loyally being one sided though and heres why..

How many people do you know that hasn't heard of Microsoft. Thats a brand too. Most people who have a computer know the Microsoft brand.

People see that logo everytime they turn on a PC. I'm sure when these same people go to the store and see Microsoft products they recognise the brand. Millions of people use PC's with Microsoft products everyday. MS office, Explorer, Outlook etc are all Microsoft products.

This is also brand loyally. Please don't forget that Microsoft isn't a minority brand name. IMHO It's just as big as the Sony brand name if not bigger.

Most average PC users access Microsoft software on a daily basis, it's baffling that you'd point out Sonys brand loyalty when Microsoft has a monopoly on OS software used on most PC's. I'm sorry to say this but I think your underestimating the recognition of Microsoft's brand name and the influence it has on potential customers.

Unlike consumer electronics where the are many popular brands recognisable to consumers with Sony having to share popularity, in the PC market the highest brand popularity is still held by mostly Microsoft software. This is all in part because the OS dominance in the marketplace.

So, to end this. The new PS3 will probably help sales, but the biggest reason will most likely be do to the console exclusives and price reductions. People who want a PS3 because of it's brand probably wanted one before this new model anyway. It's just icing on the cake that it's being released.

beoulve3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Yes Microsoft is a well known brand. A lot of people recognize it doesn't mean it's a good brand. You can have a brand that is very well-known for it bad reliability. I think that's the challenge that Microsoft faced now.

btw Your opinion is wrong, sony and apple are better brand than

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badkolo3711d ago

yeah for sure, a 300 buck ps3 for this xmas would seel the deal.

but with sony adding 20 gigs and keeping it the same price then i doubt there will be any actual pricecut.

But what annoys me with sony is that they know we dont need more gigs whenb we can use our own hdrive.

SO instead of trying to up the value but keeping the same price they should simply keep it at 40 and drop the actual price to 349.

which at that point kills the pro system and swallows the elite goodbye.

darkshiz3711d ago

Sony is focusing on making a profit thats why. The main reason they are upping the 40 to 80 is to stop making the regular 80GB and have 1 main SKU hopefully.

The reason they want 1 is to cut manufacturing costs and the 40 GB has smaller 65 nm Cell.

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