Naruto: The Broken Bond Comic-Con 08: Cam Developer Walkthrough Pt 1 & 2

Pt 1 - First person in a Naruto game? Believe it! Also, siwtching characters to navigate traps and puzzles. And of course - combat!

Pt 2 - Learn about epic fights with tremendous creatures and how they will be playable affairs in the final product.

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BananaSlug3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

i wonder if the new naruto ps3 game will have a more open world system like this. if not, it needs to come to the ps3

i would pass the mix of the half cell shade / half realistic environments. it just looks weird.

hazeblaze3669d ago

Yes, The PS3 Naruto game does have open world missions in addition to the Battle mode.

Panthers3669d ago

Yea it looks awful. They should just go with one or the other.

incogneato3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

It really does look bad. Because of how amazing the PS3 version looks and plays, I can't really look at a Naruto game like this and enjoy it. It's almost like it's from an older generation.

panasonic233669d ago

they should use the graphic the new prince of persia use

militant073669d ago

i allways loved prince of persia
but not buying this becasue that fuucking graphic sucks
its like cartoony kids game and not using power of next generation console

mesh13669d ago

the ps3 game has no longgevtiy its a pure fighting game while this is an open world and there is no comparsion i dont like fighting games i pfere adventure rpg like broken bond

hazeblaze3669d ago

The new PoP has some of the more creative looking graphics so far this gen... that and Valkyrie Chronicles. The graphics for this game do look kind of weird... not really feeling it. I'm sticking with Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm... they nailed the look of the anime!

panasonic233669d ago

kick a$$ this game got hope after all

power of Green 3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

Half cell shaded?. Looks more anime-ish or original art vs the first game that was completely cell shaded and had an very vibrant art style. You shouldn't confuse the more dynamic graphical effects *with* art style.

BananaSlug3669d ago

dont get me wrong PoG.

i dont mean half cell shaded as in half ass or anything. i would think it would just look better being either all cartoony and cell shaded or more realistic than the mix of both

chrisnick3668d ago

i actually expected this to look better i really hope they fix this stuff up looks like a last gen port to a next gen console. eh...the gameplay may make up for it i guess.

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