Over 30 Countries Konami Won't Take MGO Credit Cards From

Kotaku writes: "Metal Gear Online sure hasn't gone as smoothly as Konami (or anyone else for that matter) had hoped. And it's even worse if you live in one of the countries on Konami's list. Kotaku reader Nasser explains:"

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pwnsause3709d ago

you forgot poland! now with Konami Yu-Gi-oh cards! http://vote5polandanime.ytm...

TheColbertinator3709d ago

Yu Gi Oh cards?

Konami,You suck!

SpecialSauce3709d ago

i am finding MGO to be completely retarded.

pwnsause3709d ago

Konami is just mad dumb. they did not use the PSN for this. they dug their own grave. they still have a chance to undig their own grave, if they just move the game to the PSN and get rid of this Konami ID BS.

Omegasyde3709d ago

No PSN = 100% Profit.

Also #1 reason why MGO will never make it on the 360.

pwnsause3709d ago

yup, you just stated a good point there omegasyde, but still you have to agree that this is dumb.

SpecialSauce3709d ago

it's because all of this konami id bs that i am no longer playing it. plus my bro loves MGS games and he didn't even go online becuz the konami id thing just sounded ridiculous to him and he dosn't have the time to go to a slow @ss website and create another name to go online. the fact is if they made the online as fast and easy as other games i think alot more people would go on there. plus dose any one else get frustrated when this game lags.... i mean even the slightest lag ruins the entire match. like i will be walking around the map and then all of the sudden my character will fall to the floor with the same animation as when he is getting punched or CQCed. not sure if that has to do with konami servers but it really dose ruin the game.

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Omegasyde3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

Don't support terrorism! We all know Iceland is home to many radical Jihadist. Can't wait for the US to invade that country to look for Osama.

q8warrior3709d ago

bin laden is a CIA agent man and u can find out what is american goverment been hiding from u here hope u will find the truth man

butterfinger3709d ago

as much as I want to love MGO, I find myself constantly going back to COD4 online and replaying the MGS4 story. Why is that? Because Konami online=epic FAIL.

patriotZero3709d ago

KONAMI=Worst Publisher i have seen

f7897903709d ago

Offline good, Online bad

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