Ubi confirms Wii MotionPlus for Red Steel 2

DarkZero: We can't say we liked the original Red Steel that much, and every time I tired to play it I ended up spinning around in a circle. To put it bluntly it was not much fun, and I believe it would be hard for anyone be honestly entertained while playing the game.

However, it seems Ubisoft are happy to soldier on, and try and improve thing, and it seems the new Wii MotionPlus peripheral will play a big part in this change.

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Polluted3708d ago

It must suck having to apologize for your game like that. Hopefully the sequel works out better for them.

Tacki3708d ago

The aiming in the first game was an absolute nightmare! Let's hope they've figured out how to improve upon it and that the motionplus will help. Oh, and some real cutscenes in the game would be nice. Wasn't digging the whole comic book-like thing they did with the first.

Mr Fancy Pants3708d ago

oh man i'm getting exited for the Wii!!

the Wii it is just a novelty like the iPOD but with that motion+ it could be more than just that.

BTW i remember some nintendo fanboys saying that red steel was awesome... lol

LeonSKennedy4Life3708d ago

Just like the iPod...

...except that the iPod is amazing...

...and the Wii isn't.

The iPod changed the way you use an MP3 player, dude. One-handed music??? HECK YEAH, DUDE! That sounded great, at the time! That click-wheel was freakin' cool!

Now, the iPod touch is the coolest thing. It freakin' rocks!

Mr Fancy Pants3708d ago

yeah. i just know that for this comment i just got another ignore... wow man this nintendo fans really are sensible for their things. ;-)

every time i write in a nintendo topic i got a new ignore, they really like to live in their fantasy world it seems. waiting for the 11 now... lol

FantasyStar3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

And I really do agree that Wii-Motion Plus would be a HUGE breakthrough for Red Steel; especially during the sword fights. That and better work on the damn Wii-mote. Pointer-Thing twitches more than a guy on ecstasy. No really! And I checked my sensitivity and ****.

3708d ago
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