Should we accept release delays?

From Gameplayer: Despite the games industry having grown up – it's not just some cowboy-led, new-fangled, fly-by-night phenomenon that will likely go bust before your toast has a chance to burn, which was the feeling back in the '80s – one thing has never changed. Games continually miss their planned release dates, to the point where if a title actually ships on its expected date it's more the exception than the norm.

Just take a look at some recent games that have suffered the release date time warp – Alone in the Dark and Haze… two titles that were hyped to death, had the marketing buzz happening so big time that we were genuinely frothing at the cakeholes to get our power gloves onto them, but they failed to deliver, spectacularly.

Release date slips: are they good for you and I? Discuss.

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Real gamer 4 life3675d ago

wow too human hasn't even release yet and they are already listing it with the other gamed that flopped. The gaming media is a joke.

thor3675d ago

Mark my words - Too Human has now cooled the hype back down again now that we know the game is not "teh best evar", but I think when reviewers get their hands on the final game it will score better than everyone thinks.

morganfell3674d ago

Should we accept delays? You mean there is a choice? I wasn't aware you could choose to not accept a delay and get the game immediately in it's current form. Where do I sign up for that?

shotputking3674d ago

what is our alternative? we can make them ourselves, but i don't think they'll be nearly as good as the ones made by the professionals. if it takes longer to finish the job, that's just all that there is to it.

Jim Hawking3674d ago

I would prefer only know about a game about 6-9 months before it is released. It prevents what i call the "Blue Balls" effect where you wait for a game for 2 years or more (*cough* fallout 3 *cough*) and when it comes out the act of playing it cant possibly make up for waiting for it for so long.

ottoenie3674d ago

why? we al prefer a good polished game that has been delayed, than a game full of bugs, released on the promised date, right?

Alexander Roy3674d ago

Should we accept delays?

No of course not, we should create a party that goes to every developer that delays a game and tell them they are very bad people. Then we bake a cake and eat it in front of them, without sharing it with them!

Seriously, if a game is delayed, it's delayed. Be it because it sucked, it isn't ready yet, they don't want to release it along with other big titles to sell more, or because they gave each other piggyback rides the last years, we can't do sh't. What am I supposed to do? Not buying the game? That means I would have missed games like MGS4 and Twilight Princess.

Bottomline: Delays suck - but not as much as crappy games.

Ghoul3674d ago

yeah the moment i read the header "Should we accept release delays?"

i thought wtf is wrong with gaming media ??? burn theyre studios to the ground if they delay a game.

RealityCheck3674d ago

It's actually not at all special to gaming, it has to do with software development. Anyone who has ever been involved with software development can attest that delays often happen. Games are just a piece of software meant to entertain and they follow almost the same development process.

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The story is too old to be commented.