New: Mirror's Edge 4 Minute Gameplay Demonstration

A new 4 minute gameplay video of Mirror's Edge for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

Please use view video link at bottom if video is not working.

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ironcreed3641d ago

that about sums it up. The rush that this game is going to provide while playing just screams replay value. Definitely a must buy.

marinelife93640d ago

Okay I was lukewarm on this title before, but that was tight. I just hope I don't get motion sick playing it.

badkolo3641d ago

yeah i really like the premise and the gameplay and the graphics have this wicked realism look to them, not bad at all

chewmystink3641d ago

This game looks boring, have seen the same footage over and over.
Same environment doesn't seem like there is different rooftops or maps.
I think this will be a big let down and am sick of seeing it touted as must have game.
It will be crap just like every other hyped up game.

wind_dragon3641d ago

have you seen the screenshots or any of the interviews? The developers have stated on numerous occasions that you'll be placed in environments vastly different from one another, though you are likely to end up at some high point at one time or another. I've also seen footage of Faith delivering messages at night...that should be a trip.

name3641d ago

It looks beautiful. I wanna see more levels though. I hope they really mix it up so we don't have the whole assassin's creed thing happening again.

yesah3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

i will pass, bland environments, no wow factor.

A game where you virtually jog is for the fat, no thanks.

darkshiz3641d ago

To me this game is more of a First Person Run-Jumper. Not a FPS where the main thing you do is shoot.

The action looks weak and this game will give me a headache.

psycho3603641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Yes, although looks good for a tech demo but game wise too much running and jumping and no action is making it boring. Dont get me wrong i love DICE for their BF series but this is just too bland. What about lack of HUD? How would you know where to go etc?.

I was also feeling nauseous from watching it and not to forget the eye poking aliasing giving headache.

nirwanda3641d ago

What about lack of HUD? How would you know where to go etc?.

you just follow the red area's and that's the reason why I ain't that hyped about it it's too on rail's for me.

It would have been good if it was more like crackdown i.e there's where you need to go find away to get there yourself.

ar3641d ago

You can turn the "Runners vision" off if you want to. And even if it's not an open sandbox game each level has several routs you can take.

I'm feed up with open sandbox games. Just about every game studio is making them today. I find it better with a little more linear levels with each part of the level made to perfection.

No one complains over movies being linear, why should every game out there be an open sandbox game?

Hagaf223640d ago

to me the graphics are a tad bit bland, i mean the guys look like crap up close, and everything in the environment is square with no detail, hopefully they give it some detail. gameplay wise the game looks very original.

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The story is too old to be commented.