Netflix CEO says Blu-ray premiums coming "very soon"

Darren Murph writes:

"Netflix taketh away, and Netflix giveth. Netflix is about to taketh once more (this time from your wallet), with CEO Reed Hastings noting on a recent conference call that the promised Blu-ray premium would be instituted "very shortly."

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avacadosnorkel3587d ago

at Blockbuster it's only 50 cents more and that's not a prob.

shelbygt333587d ago

I have the blockbuster online rental (Total Access I think it's called).

Two movies out, can return them to the store for a regular movie, a new release, or a Blu-Ray. Also can rent HD-DVD and Blu-Ray still online.

Price is in line with Netflix, but since Blockbuster is so close to me, I get more for my money this way.

(Also get a coupon once a month good for a free game rental!)